The problem that this feature will solve:
Easier to align faces/extrusions
would make my life a lot easier if i could align two faces of the same object/body without having to “overextrude” it and cutting out the part that sticks out

Brief description of the outcomes that you expect from this feature:

A button or add-on to the align option where you can select two faces and it will ask you to which one you want it to be aligned

What can’t you achieve without this feature?
Cant easily get an extrusion extruded perfectly
Is this a workflow blocker for you? Is this why you can’t use Shapr3D for work? Is this slowing you down?
Yes its slowing me down a bit and i believe it shouldnt be too hard to add such thing.

Use “Replace Face”

Also, based on this screenshot you seem to be already using the parametric version. In that you can simply drag the canvas control for the extrusion over the surface you’d like to align your extrusion to – it’ll change into a dot and the target surface will be highlighted. If you want to fine-tune this setting later, just open up the history step list with the clock-like icon, expand up the Extrusion step in question and explore the options – the “Extent” option should be set to “To Object” and the right Object (in this case, the face you want to align with) should be selected.

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Thanks @Peter_Gy for this explanation, I wasn’t aware of this nice addition to the extrusion tool’s UI. I thought the extend to object was available only by editing the history.

Thanks never knew shapr3d had this

Is there a similar alignment to surface option available for move/copy? dragging a canvas control move arrow and showing interest in a surface or feature would really be enhanced if it would then limit movement in that direction to the projection of that feature onto the “drag vector” (either piercing point if the object of interest is a plane or surface, or perpendicular projection in the case of a point - including inferred arc/circle centre points).
I’ve wanted to quickly drag things to align like this, but haven’t found it to work.
Making the extrude and the move along direction inputs work as consistently as possible would be logical and natural, I think.
Similar logic for the origin of the canvas control in a move… at the moment, dragging that away moves the control, which is great, but holding the shift key, or clicking a lock icon would be a great way of turning that into the drag origin that you could drop onto the destination point.