Cannot change the color of sketch fillings

I need to apply a different color to the joining portions of different bodies, to show where the glue should be applied.
But there seems no way to apply color only to a portion of a face, even after sketching on it:8B6105BD-1EBD-4AB8-B852-A14D646BAD54
I understand that this is by design, but I don’t understand why there is this limitation.
I am circumventing this limitation by:

  1. Sketching the portion I want in a different color;
  2. Pushing it to create a hole;
  3. Pushing it again to separate bodies;
  4. Applying the color on the separate body.

But I have to do this for almost a hundred of parts… And then the project got messed up because I have too many bodies and I have to move them often around. Basic grouping don’t help, I would need at least a hierarchy of groups.
Can anyone suggest a better way?
Is there any chance that this behavior would change in the future?

I did a post about this type of issue before. Color coding for a face or part thereof may be a generic name for the capability.



Once we will have a projection tool, it will allow you to split faces using sketches, so you will be able to color them separately. Projection tool is almost ready and will be released very soon.


Oh very hot news!!! Gorgeous!
Will it support project on curved surfaces?! Or just planar?! And when pls.

Both. And both projecting as sketch and imprinting to the body. It’s almost ready I think maybe 1 week.


Gorgeous gorgeous congrats can’t wait for that anymore

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Awesome, Istvan. You guys are also awesome!

One week is over! We’re so hungry & thirsty :smile:

Tic tac :angry:

It will be included in the next release :slight_smile:

I’m checking the Appstore on a daily basis :grin: