Cannot rotate my view/ object with iPad touch or trackpad

I just downloaded Shapr to specifically use on my iPad. I set it up to work with my Bluetooth keyboard and trackpad.

I can not for the life of me get my view to rotate when using the trackpad or when using the iPad touch screen. Even with the tutorial I could not get it to rotate the view. I have 2 finger rotate turned on and when trying to rotate it just slides the view left right/ up down.

We use fusion in my company and I am used to holding the shift key to rotate the view.

When I initially installed the app it asked me to set up as trackpad/ mouse / pencil. I set it up as trackpad. I did try my non Apple Pencil at one point and now I have a big red warning saying Apple Pencil not connected. Not sure if this changed the default use setting but I cannot figure out how to change that back to trackpad if it did change when I tried the pencil.

Shapr is basically useless if I cannot rotate my view to easily. I hope I’m missing something simple because I really need an iPad cad solution.

I have the Apple Magic Keyboard.
Try this. Two fingers on the trackpad and slide around for panning and two fingers on the trackpad while holding down the shift key and slide around for rotating.

I tried every button combination including the shift key and nothing lets me rotate my view. Even when using the iPad screen it doesn’t work.

My object just stays in the same orientation and it just slides

Can you record and share a video of the issue?

Have you tried a 2-finger swipe on the trackpad?

Here’s a video,

I just realized I can rotate the view with one finger on the iPad screen. I do have 2 finger rotate enabled in the settings.

Still can’t rotate with the track pad.

have you tried Shift+two finger swipe on the trackpad?

No it does not work.

I show it in my video above. Looks awkward since I’m holding my phone.

Maybe compatibility issue with my keyboard

Probably it is indeed a keyboard issue. We support the standard Apple keyboards only. What kind of keyboard is yours?

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Does your keyboard w/trackpad support multi-finger swipes?
If yes, perhaps something in Settings can be adjusted.