Snapping a circle to a line

Greetings, in OnShape you can do coincident constraints. Is there something similar here? In my previous model it would auto snap now for some reason it wont snap and i cant find the coincident constraint.

Sorry forgot to attach my image. If you zoom in you will find the point and the circle are properly alligned.

Hey - we don’t have a coincident constraint. BUT, if you grab the end point of the line and drag it on the center point of the circle they will snap together.

You will only be able to separate them if you tap on the point and hit Disconnect.

This article might help:

Thats not really what i am trying to do. Can i put in a request for coincident?

Sure :slight_smile: It is a request we have on our mind (if not on our roadmap yet).

Out of curiosity, and to understand your problem a bit better: What are the things you can’t create with the current snapping logic?

So, i created a tray system for my kitchen cabinet. I use a clip i designed on shapr and o use guides and sketched to align and extrude the cylinder shape i use to create the groove for the clip.

Right now i simply hide the sketch after I do my extrude and i have not found the line to cause any issues during printing.

Using this method i can rapidly prototype about 5 models a day because between the construction pieces, the coincident snaps and knowing the length of the sides i can extrude and subtract quickly.