Can't chamfer an object!

So here’s the deal!
If we create a new object we can round the corners, but for some reason none of the other edges on the object will chamfer
Obviously at some point we were able to do the outside corners on the top, but again if we try the bottom it won’t allow it!
Any clues?

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Can you share the file?

I’m running into this problem often too. Some edges can be chamfered or filleted, while others just cannot. The yellow bidirectional arrows appear and follow the pencil tip, indicating the chamfer mode, but dragging either direction does not create a chamfer/fillet.

I would like to send you my file, but the forum does not allow uploading of .stl files (the only option for those of us still evaluating the software).

With the next version this issue will be solved. Anyway, we can not really do anything with STL files, only with .shapr.

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