Cant copy element - red cross


When I try to copy this element, the white dot has a red cross over it so I can’t do anything.

Why is this?

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Have you double clicked to select the entire ‘pipe’ or just the surfaces?
I tried to replicate the fault and it happened to me too but only when I clicked the surface. It didn’t happen if I drew a bounding box over the entire pipe. I was unable to move the pipe.
I closed the app and re-opened and now I can’t replicate it. Not sure what I did (or didn’t do) :rofl:

It suddenly works now :upside_down_face:


But yes you have to double click for it to work

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it certainly is weird, especially as I had the same issue when I tried which is something I don’t normally have an issue with. And even more weird that I couldn’t repeat it after closing and re-opening the app.
I’m guessing it was just a glitch.