Copy is a bit funky in 2.0

Some shapes will Copy no problem while others will copy but then they just spring back and are no longer duplicated!
Hmmmmmm :blush:

Can you take a video of this? Even with a phone is good. We’ll look at the issue.

Also there is that wire frame figure in the corner!
It should be solid :slight_smile:
Shapr Copy Problem

Is this the beta, or the official 2.0 release from the app store?

Official release! :slight_smile:

Thanks for reporting the issue, I will look into this asap.

Always happy to help! :slight_smile:

Also if we choose an object that doesn’t Copy but rather just Move it, it will move, snap back and disappear! :open_mouth:

Not sure weather to start a new Thread
Don’t want to stir the pot :slight_smile:
But might there be a way to have a user selectable default color or shade of the objects
Not talking object by object but overall
We keep the screen brightness (Shapr3D sucks through the batteries) and the dark tone is a bit tuff to see

Actually we will add coloring functipnality rather soon :slight_smile:

Even more than what we were hoping for! :slight_smile: