Can't finish tutorial - vizualisation

I get stuck on step 12 on the tutorial, applying a material to the model. When I click ‘Visualization’, the materials side menu shows up, but the water bottle model disappears. Therefore I have nothing to drag the materials onto, and no way of completing the tutorial.

I am running Win 10 with mouse/keyboard


What hardware are you using? Especially CPU and GPU.

I’ve got a 3rd gen i7 and using the integrated graphics. Is it the lack of GPU that’s the issue, and is there any way of getting around it without upgrading? I do plan on getting a new gpu but can’t just yet.

Sadly, that doesn’t meet the minimum requirements. Compatible devices

If you have a relatively recent GPU, you can force the app to always use that one in Windows settings, that could solve the issue, but the CPU is still unsupported, meaning the app might, or might not work properly, we can’t guarantee anything.