Mac Visualization Tool Lag

Good Evening from the East Coast,

I find the visualization tool really cool for captures and slight adjustments after finishing a model. The issue is I guess I have too many parts and when I hit the Visualize tool my computer chuggs. This is on Mac, my specs are as followed:

Mac Mini (2018)
eGPU 5500xt


We are planning to improve performance of the Visualization tool in the coming months, at the moment we are quite heavily CPU limited, so that’s likely causing the lag when entering Visualization.

There is still lag in version 5.192.0 (3827), but it is obviously improved compared to when it was first released, expect it to be as smooth as in modeling mode.


Further performance improvements are coming in the next weeks / months, however it will never be as smooth as the modelspace. The rendering in Visualization is more heavy on resources, therefore the same performance is not really achievable. It will get closer though.

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