Can't get into the application

I renewed my licence on 25/6/20 Transaction ID: [0A738825UY2567630 ]. However since this time I have not been able to log into the application. It seems to think that I have not renewed my licence.

Can you check your systems to allow me to login and reset my licence date please.

Many thanks

Hi @Witwill Welcome to the Forum.
Please note that I am a Member not one of the S3D Team.

If I recollect correctly it was necessary to visit > Log In > Tap the More Icon ••• [three dots] at the righthand end of the options.

In my case the only option is to Cancel, but the anticipation is that you will have an option useful to your case.
If this is not helpful hit the More Icon at the bottom of your Post. Then hit the Flag and choose the bottom option to report your problem to the Team.

Hi John, I apologize for the late response. I can confirm that you have an active Pro subscription.

Please can you log into the app as shown in the video below and let me know if the issue persists. I also sent you an email as I didn’t want to post your login Id here.