Can't import step file

i have a step file in google drive but i can’t open.i’m doing anything wrong?
i’m still new in shapr3D. can someone help me ?

Hi, can you please share a public drive link with us? I would be happy to take a look at it. Do you receive any error messages when opening? Please give us a bit more detailed description :slight_smile:

when i select the import file i don’t receive any error message, it’s just can’t open like the picture i screenshot.

here is the link

I got stl files from the Thingsverse and i converted to step use FreeCAD. i just want re-edit an existing stl file from Thingsverse
Thank you.

Oh I see. Please download the file to your iPad then try to open it, or locate within the Drive app select the Open in option and you should be fine.

(The file has restricted access, I could not download it but I guess I got the problem)