Why can’t I import files?

I’m trying to import a design of a helmet from the Metroid video games into Shapr3D but every time I import it, I just get a blank workspace. I have read [this entire discussion] but so far, nothing has helped. I would have uploaded a video that shows the problem but since I am still a new user, I can’t do that yet. Can somebody please help?

Sure. Can you send a link to the file you can not import or if you don’t feel to share it publicly send it to zoli@shapr3d.com and I’ll take a look at it tommorrow at the office. Thanks

  • zoli

Ok. Here’s the link:

I looked into it a bit more and I think that I might have actually figured it out. I think that the file is empty. I’m not sure why though. It might have been a problem with conversion because the file was originally an stl file. If you want to see the stl file just let me know. I have that too.

Ok, so this STEP file is empty, the conversion was wrong. I look it up on google and I guess I’ve found the original STL file you were trying to convert. I’ve successfully converted it to STEP. It became a huge 300+MB file, but I was unable to open it in shapr. Usually mesh data is not a good fit for Shaper. The engine under the hood works completely different.

Ok. Thanks anyways.