Hi there !
Anyone using shapr3d for carpentry work ?

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Hoping to…
Using skp at the mo but shapr seems to be heading in a promising direction…

I also switch back to skp for carpentry drawing tasks.

What’s the advantage ?

Shapr will hopefully add various conveniences to their app but for professional or repeat joinery sketches it is still. slightly ahead as you’d expect with Shapr being decades younger, though there are some problems. Shapr one the other hand may be giving us a prophetic vision of things to come, if they decide to cater for all the various types of use. It feels like it started out catering for engineering, but because the method of modelling is so unique - and is so utterly portable and enjoyable, it is attracting people from all walks of design. Frankly, it should be possible to attract 3D artists if the tools are provided.

In other words, its the transparency of the input that is truly revolutionary about Shapr.

Hopefully one day soon we will see parallel features developed within Shapr that will make SKP obsolete. Design work will become a beach pastime and we will all be much happier!
Here are a few things SKP has that IMO discourage an immediate hop over to Shapr for woodworking. Id be interested to hear what @Yepher has to say or add…:

SKP has an associated app called Layout which allows almost complete free rein as to what goes into it. There are the standard viewports as you find in Shapr, but you can add images, textbooks, pointers, even linked spreadsheets. You can make extremely stylish presentations etc.

SKP also has full shortcut mapping, components, templates, grouping, textures, line weights and styles (after an age of waiting!), shadow controls and geolocation. One of my favourites is dynamic components where by a model can be drawn and expanded logically according to the parameters I set. For example a stair drawing would have the right number of treads, legal individual height and going, whatever height or total going I input when using the programmed component.

I also use SKP from concept through sales design, contract, manufacture. Its all the same drawing. SKP allows me to render my drawings live in Maxwell for some pretty convincing views. You can see some on instagram at ppc_ltd . This feature has become indispensable for my workflow because we very very rarely have problems with clients’ expectation or enthusiasm for the job - or payments.

However, the only thing that might be difficult for Shapr to include in a panoply of features might be a plugin framework - because of the restrictions Apple have (wisely imho) built within iOS. Not totally sure about that as my scripting/coding experience is antiquated.

I like the walk-through feature of skp. But for me, one of the biggest pluses for skp is the integrated 3D warehouse. I worked on a deck design not too long ago and found the decking and the brackets ready to go to be amazing.

Here is an example of the sort of brackets I needed to use: Search for simpson strongtie | 3D Warehouse

I also found the “array” feature super helpful in skp where I need to layout my first joist or board (or whatever) and then can multiply that with some offset and it all becomes drawn.

It is pretty easy to integrate or find tools to help do a lot of stuff like produce a bill of materials.

I really like it’s geo location bits and use it with another Google app Google Earth.

I use the layers a lot in skp for this sort of thing (maybe items in shapr can be used this way?) to removing layers like drywall, bricks, electrical, etc.

I find the flooring, glass, doors, cabinets, etc super helpful in skp.

Shapr3D for sure has its strengths and destroys skp on a lot of fronts. But I could not see myself designing my deck or a house with it (yet).

Thanks guys ! Thèse opinions and views help me a lot !

Ah yes - arrays! That’s a real time saver. As is the divide line feature.

Alex has some very nice videos on the topic:

Oh!! That kind of carpentry. I thought like remodeling houses.

They are relatively close in terms of modeling needs, aren’t they? :slight_smile:

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Hi @Yepher

I designed glulam house for my customer. It helped a lot to find heights etc.


Thanks for the attention re this Istvan.

This is the kind of thing I’d like to be able to model in Shapr. These examples were drawn in SketchUp and rendered in Maxwell.

The drawings are accurate and the ext same drawings are also used for technical drawings except with different annotation and views. The window renders sold the contract for us and led on to a year of work for our company.

edit: Come to think of it, so did the stair drawing the following year!

So the workflow is important for us.

newel and baluster rev a.pdf (2.0 MB)


Heh heh! In the UK it’s said that if you live north of Watford, house building is joinery and carpenters make windows, stairs, furniture etc.
Us southern joiners make the windows etc and chippies (carpenters) do the framework.

But it’s all a jest really. Everyone knows what a joiner really is. He specialises in joints. Hence furniture and fabricated building parts like windows.
A carpenter builds the house frame and installs the windows.

So you were right really :grinning:

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