Centering an object on another surfce

I have this clamp I’d like to place on the surface of this rectangle with the cross on it. The y positioning isn’t crucial, but it has to be symmetric across the YZ axis and the bottom has to sit flat on the surface with the cross on it. What’s the fastest way to do this?

Try the Align tool. Select the bottom of the clamp surface, then the surface with the X.

There’s no center point on the bottom of the clamp to select. Notice how there’s two “brackets” that both have disconnected bottom surfaces.

The recessed surface with the sketched ‘X’ is where you wish to align and center the clamp, right?
First, hide the sketch with the ‘X’.
Then select (double click) the clamp in its entirety and use the Align tool.
After you select the Align tool you need to select the surface you wish to align from which is the bottom of the clamp.
Then select the recessed surface.
Done! It’s now aligned and centered.

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I explained this above. There is no one bottom surface. There’s two — one on the left and one on the right. You can’t pick off the center.

Create a dummy extension or body at the clamp center flush with the bottom. Do the align then delete the dummy.


Hi Gaze,
if you dont like Mikes (impressive creative) proposed solution you might as well do your math:
Subtract the width of the clamp-Base from the width of the plate, align the edges of the bodies and move the clamp by the half value towards the middle.
As there are no (parametric) mates yet in shapr3D - thats basically what you can do…

Cheers Matt