Changing the radius of multiple holes of the same dimension in a sketch

I have a sketch on which I have a large number of holes of 2 mm diameter. I need to change the diameter to 2.2 mm.
Do I have to change the diameter for each hole individually or is there some way I can select all the holes and apply the new diameter.

Hi! Please select the inner faces of the holes, then change the value of the radius. With multi-selection it is enough to change the value at one hole and the others will be aligned.

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Thanks Peter. Will this work for circles too on a 2D sketch?

Sketches are a bit different, after setting one radius it is enough to select all the circles and hit the Equal constraint to make the other circles the same size

Please note that Shapr3D is a direct modeling software, there is no connection between the sketches and the solid bodies :slight_smile:


If I may add where Peter left off. This shows visually how he circles can be changed at once.


Thanks Tiger. :pray:

Thanks Peter.