No parametric connection between sketch and model?

Hello everybody
How do I change a diameter, dimension, etc. subsequently?
Here is a video of me with an example:
I change the diameter on the sketch but the model doesn’t change?
For me, one of the most important things for a 3D CAD is that every 3D CAD should be able to do that.
What am I doing wrong?

Hi, welcome to the forum!

You are not doing anything wrong, Shapr3D is a direct modeler software which means there is no connection between the sketches and the bodies that are made from the sketches. Coming from a history based parametric CAD software it may feel a bit strange for the first time, but if you get the mindset, direct modeling can be really intuitive.

Like in your example, instead of selecting the sketch and changing the diameter, you just have to select the inner face of the hole. After selecting, you can move the face with the pencil or you can type in numeric values to define the radius of it. The same can be applied for the radiuses and the cahmfers, even any selected face of your model. If you wish to move an edge or face, feel free to use the Move/Rotate tool from the Transform menu.

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In fact, it is a different approach than what I’m used to.
I have now drawn more examples, and in fact, the more I draw, the more I like this direct modeling more and more. : =)

Thank you for your answer.

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Great to hear that, happy modeling :slight_smile: