hello there
newbie here, fully enjoying and learning shapr3d

I try to recreate pistol grips but don t know how to cut out\add
diamond checkerings like the model

anyone an idea?
thanks in advance

i’m a newbie too. what i’d try would be to make a rectangle with a zigzag bottom on a plane perpendicular to the groove line, then extrude it across the grip to cut.

Hi @schoggi Welcome to the Forum :sunglasses:

Use Sketch > Line/Arc > choose the Line Option

Sketch a Diamond shape using the Grid set to 0.5mm or similar alternative

Use Tools > Extrude > Move the Double Arrow upward by the required measurement, you can type in precise requirements

Move the curved Draft Arrow as required

Select the ‘Diamond’ then use Transform > Move/Rotate > hit the ✚ Icon

Copy and position as required. At present there is no Tool or Feature to automatically generate a specific pattern.

Search the Forum, Magnifying Glass at the top of every Forum Page, for knurl, pattern, etc.

Happy S3Ding :sunglasses:

EDIT: This is probably too large for your purposes, the sides of the Diamond Base are nearly 6mm long:

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thank you for the input sir