Circle Basics

If I create a number of circles, some with a clockwise motion, others with a counterclockwise motion - from time to time the start/end point (aka swing point) will jump approx 180 degrees. This is pretty easy to reproduce - just draw a lot of circles. It happens even if u just do CW circles. Is this normal? It is annoying because sometimes I draw a circle with the intent to swing it about this point. Does the user have some control over this control point? Thanks for some enlightenment…

No, it’s not. Can you post a screen recording?

I did a recording with 3 instances of the jump but it was too big to upload here. So I did a shorter one with 1 instance but still too big. So I emailed it to you. You can see the jump in the lowermost circle on the screen. Thanks

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What is the size limit for an upload? Thanks

This is what I got:

But I am not sure if I understand what’s wrong here.

Note that when the lowermost circle is drawn starting around the 270 position, it flips this to the 135 or so position as the start/end point.

The flip also happens with the last circle drawn FYI.

Oh, I undertand now. We will look into this, thanks.