No control point on circle

Newbi- just restarting tutorials- problem is I sketch a circle just as in tutorial and I get a center point but no control point on circle itself. With center point not locked, when I drag the circle edge only radius changes. Can only move circle to new position by clicking center control point. My question is - why can I not duplicate what is being done on the tutorial? Have there been some changes since tutorial made?

I think that some videos may be out of sync with some of the latest features.

These videos are to be updated soon according to an announcement here…



As Tommy already said - the tutorials are unfortunately outdated…

Now you‘ve to select the midpoint and move the circle with the arrows or drag the small rectangle in between.

Let me state again that I think the old method was more intuitive and I still have a hard time to see the benefit of the arrows/box.

Cheers Chris

We are waiting for the new release and some improvements on the “arrow”-version - but we will have new ones ready soon after that.

@Daveodr sorry about the experience. Your problem is not related to this other version, but that we have removed that arc-point. Now just select the arc anywhere and drag it.