Move ONLY One of 3 Concentric Circles?

I have 3 circles concentric circles drawn on the same plane. Every time I highlight the smallest or center circle to move it; ALL THREE move. By circle here, I don’t mean a line that’s completely circular, I mean the resulting shape from drawing a circle on a plane, using the circle drawing tool.

This software is soOOOOooo frustrating. Every two hours, you need to ask for help because simple things don’t work (like they do in Fusion or Solidwerks or _______)

How can I move JUST the center circle ???

Frustrated in Philly

Hi @VmusicV , I understand that you are frustrated, let me help. I’ve recorded a short video for you, that explains how to disconnect coincident points. Simply select the point and click on the disconnect button. I hope this helps! If you run into any frustrating situations in the future, we are always happy to help. Also, if your time permits, check out the sketching basics tutorials.

Some further explanation: it’s great that you are familiar with Fusion 360, because this behavior is quite similar to what Fusion is doing with concentric circles. What happens here is that just like many other CAD systems, Shapr3D automatically adds coincident constraints on points that are created to be coincident. Thus until you remove the coincident constraint from the coincident points, the circles will move together. By clicking on the disconnect button after selecting the point, the centers of the circles will no longer maintain the coincident relationship, thus you’ll be able to move them separately. hope this shed some light on this behavior!