Default measurement for circle


I am new here and a new subscriber to Shapr3D Pro.
I have been going thru various tutorials on YouTube and am moving along step by step.

I do have a question though.
Is there a way to set the default measurement for a circle to be either DIAMETER or RADIUS?

Thanks in advance for any and all hel offered here. And please be forewarned, I am new to 3D altogether so expect to see me here a lot.

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Under preferences you will find the option to display either ‘Always Radius’ or ‘Radius and Diameter’…

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Thank you Stephen…

But I have not been able to find preference at all.

I have a settings tab but no preference.

Excuse my ignorant question here, but where is the preference icon located?

Raul Sandoval


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I’m working on a MacBook Air M1

The preference tab drops down when you click ‘Shapr3D’ which becomes available when you hover the cursor near the top edge of the screen.

This may be different on iPad or PC

Ahh, that explains the difference.
I am working on an iPad,
Thank you sir.

Raul Sandoval

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On the iPad, tap the gear icon in the lower right corner. Then tap on circular annotations.

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Of course, it just had to be totally opposite on the iPad… :rofl:
Thanks for the input :slightly_smiling_face: