CNC furniture, best practice

My students are going to design a furniture in shapr3d (a small stool or a shelf maybe) and than cut the pieces on a CNC router. They will make it from a sheet of 15 or 18 mm plywood. Can you give me some ideas about what will be the best practice according to designing.
Do you have any videos that can help us along?

While I do use Shapr3D to create 3D objects for my CNC router, I import the objects into Aspire.

I have not found using Shapr3D to be useful in exporting 2D dimensioned parts for CNC routing.

What CNC machines and programming software are you using? Are you using Shapr3D for 2D or 3D?


There are a variety of Shapr3D Webinar Youtube videos that would be useful. Here is one on furniture design and also a link to several videos.

We┬┤ll have the pieces cut out at a local makerspace. I believe they will import it to fusion 360 and prepare the operations from there.


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