Combining lines from trace

Hi. I am trying to build a part for my motorcycle by tracing from a photo. I can do I the trace and loft no problem but when I try to add a chamfer I cant select all the lines that make up the outline. Is there a way of selecting all the lines and then making a single outline which can then be selected and chamfered?



Does it give you a cannot compute error at the top?

Can you get the desired results selecting faces instead of lines or edges?.

Hi Wrighth1,

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You can chamfer the edges by selecting them with the Pencil. If the edges are tangent to each other, Shapr3D will chain select them and do the chamfer after you selected only one edge.
One other way is to chamfer/fillet more than one edges is to select the whole body then tap Chamfer/Fillet in the toolbar.

Let us know if this solves the problem,