Combine faces (again)

This seems to be a common request, but so far none of the solutions I’ve read here seem to address what I’m trying to do.

I often come up with simple mechanical bits that I 3D print to solve specific problems. Take this for example:

I’d like to make those three right-facing faces one face. Why? I often add a bit of a chamfer to the edges and the middle face creates problems for this, since if I select the edges of either side of the taller parts of the form, the entire line is selected and I can’t chamfer just the physical edge:

If I try to chamfer this, the bottom part will get notched which is not desirable. I’m quite sure this is a case of me holding the tool (shapr3d) wrong, but I don’t know how to fix this. I can try to design the model differently so that is a single face, but that causes other troubles during the development of the model because I’m trying to make this fit mechanically to another piece, so I create a sketch of the leftmost rectangle with the constraints I need, then offset the edge twice for the notch and rightmost edge.

In a similar vein, is it possible to chamfer “out”?

I’d like the inside corners of that shorter section to have a small “ramp” from the vertical face to the horizontal face, but if I select that inside edge and try to chamfer, it notches, which is expected. I’d really rather not try to design the rightmost facing edge in its entirety then just extrude in one shot, but it seems like this is what the tool wants me to do.

Hi Andrew

I think you have 3 separate bodies on your example. If you select them and Union them, you should then be able to chamfer the edge as expected.