How can I only chamfer selected edges?

I’m sure this used to work fine in the past, but when I go to chamfer it does the circumference of the entire model, instead of just the edge I’ve selected. In the example I’m working on here, I only want the 3 highlighted edges to be chamfered, yet just selecting one edge will chamfer around the entire model. I was looking for some sort of setting similar to the offset tool where you can choose single or loop, but there’s nothing.

Any ideas?

Make a construction plane (at a point perp to a line) for each edge you want to chamfer, draw a triangle and sweep it on that line segment. Repeat for each segment you want Chamfered.
Kludgy but it will work.

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Damn, that’s fairly involved for something that should be relatively simple? No idea why there’s no loop/single toggle. They already solved that with offset edges.

puts hand up for feature request :rofl:

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Well you could duplicate the body, hide it, cut the first body where you don’t want fillets and then merge the 2 bodies :rofl:

Someone else might know a better way. I’m still on my first cup and groggy.

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Select the edges you want to chamfer, and chamfer as you did.
Then open history tab and expand the chamfer step. There is a toggle switch named include tangent edges, just switch it off and it should do the job.


Be nice if that were a selection on the Chamfer/Fillet tool.

  • Auto
  • Select edges
  • Tangent edge
  • 2-distance

You know what’s mad? I’m pretty sure in the non-Pro version it will only chamfer one edge at a time, either that or it did in the old days. Seems odd not to have a simple feature like that

Oh, looks like we have a solution! What a beauty. Thanks so much