Hide or unhide

Is there a easy way to hide or unhide a large number of parts at once instead of having to pick them one by one. It looks like the holding the shift key down does not work when trying to pick multiple parts. This would be very helpful.

Thank you

As far as I can tell it just a matter of discipline in the process of creating objects and using the ITEM MANAGER.

  • 1st consider a logical way of organizing certain elements of the design
  • Each body and sketches are automatically be added to the ITEMS MANAGER.
  • Add and Name folders in the ITEMS MANAGER according to your organization scheme
  • Try to regularly assign bodies to the appropriate folder or subfolder.
  • When a body/sketch is selected in the drawing area, it will automatically be highlighted/selected in the ITEMS MANAGER whlich makes it easy to be located in a complex hierarchy of folders. Likewise, selecting a folder, body, or sketch in the ITEMS MANAGER will highlight/select it in the drawing window.

When you want to hide folders, bodies, or sketches use the ITEMS MANAGER.
You can hide the contents of an entire folder, individual bodies, or sketches by clicking on the eye-icon adjacent to the folder, body, or sketches name.

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Hey @danno11! When selecting bodies, please note that you have to double-click on them to select the entire body. A single click will only select the face or edge you are pointing at.

If you are working with workspaces that contain a lot of files, you’ll like the Isolate feature too

The items manager is useful for general organisation and file mgmt. It’s too slow a process to hide off individual items/body’s etc on a detailed model of multiple bodies especially if buried deep in folders and part of a pattern.
Should be easy enough to have a function as per creo where parts in an assembly can be hidden quickly.

I agree in Cad design is all about time saved to get the project done and correct.