Workflow suggestion: visibility toggle

I’d like to see a way to toggle visibility of sketches/bodies from the items themselves.

You would double tap to highlight the whole thing then perhaps long press with the stylus which brings up an option to hide it. Kind of like I have the sketch highlighted below. Is this possible? I feel this would be a big time saver for some being able to toggle visibility quickly from the shape itself.


Yep, lots of time wasted trying to find the correct item to turn on or off. Lots of screen real estate wasted too. I agree, this suggestion is a no brainer.

That would be a very handy and probably not to difficult to implement feature.

Thanks for the feedback. I have shared this with our product team and this has been noted.

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Of course, you still need the layer side panel to turn something hidden back on again, so, perhaps we should be asking for some improved efficiency with that ui element. Perhaps making it easier to use and smaller / less intrusive?