Compound Angled Joint

Hi there. Just getting to grips with Shapr3D and I can’t for the life of me work out how to produce a bridal joint at a 4 degree compound angle, as seen below (this is in sketchup)

Any advice guys?

As I’m trying this is my main problem so far.

I’m trying to push the shape in, but it is following the slant and not moving straight. To show you what I mean I have pulled it out and it starts to rise diagonally. How can I move that shape straight? Thanks

This is what I’m trying to ‘push’ in

Is this just because the tenon is being pulled out from the lower piece which is set at an angle to the upper member? That is, is the extrusion actually moving perpendicular to the part which it belongs to? Perhaps if the two parts were coloured and a face view added to your picture this would clarify the problem.

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So its because the faces are angled, it’s following the angle when I try and pull out the tenons. So as there’s a 4 degree angle its climbing 4 degrees. How can I pull out the tenons so they don’t follow that trajectory

OK, so the extrusion is perpendicular to the face (which makes sense). If I was doing this, I would try by modelling one of the parts first and subtracting from the other, following this by lopping off the excess 4 degree offset parts. I’m sure the more experience woodwork modellers using Shapr3D would have alternative (more elegant) suggestions.

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Do what @Jagey suggests and use Subtract.
Here I created one leg with the male tenon and then subtracted it from the other solid body thus creating the female side. (Not sure if my use of male/female is correct here.) BTW, I used 8° angle just for demonstration.

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tried the following - then saw off the excess - the blue piece was made first then subtracted from the angled upright :slightly_smiling_face:

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@TigerMike - how do you make the screen video?

I do most of my Shapr3D modeling on my iPad Pro. It’s easy to turn on screen recording at which point I start modeling stuff then turn off recording. Afterwards I import the video into iMovie and edit out the dead space.

@TigerMike - thanks, I’ll have to investigate screen capture on the MacBook :-/

I took the compound angle one step further. A compound dovetail joint.


on macOS hit CMD+SHIFT+5 and select Record to create a screen recording: How to record the screen on your Mac - Apple Support

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In addition to what @Daniel_Shapr3D suggested, you can also do screen recording from the Quicktime app.

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I saw screen recording from shapr3d crew with pencil show it in, do you know how to do it? Thx

Go to iPad Settings, scroll down to Shapr3D and use the switch to turn it on

After you have switched it on, make sure you restart the app for the display Pencil to take affect.


Thank your very much Daniel…