Folders for Desgins

I am missing the function to put my desgins in folders.
As specially when I make at some steps copies, it can get very messy.
Also for people who are really using it on professional business base, it will be veryusefull.
This should be easy implementable and also to understand that it is fundamental feature.

Thank you for such a great innovativ app, i am really enjoying it.


I use within iPadOS on the iPad.

This may be a useful:

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Yeah it would be nice if the desgins saved in s3d also have the same file structure accessible over
Otherwise I would have everything double, when i want to export it for sending or importing it again as specially in to other projects.
For now i would miss preview in the normal

Like on desktop every productiv application has a workspace folder, with that you have a consistent file structure same like in the app, so when you upload something you remember the place, and in the app self you would have the same structure but with previews.

Please accept that my input is aimed at the wider community, this is a VERY important subject that is ignored by many Users. I am taking this opportunity to air the subject again.
I agree with you, unfortunately, what would be nice is unavailable at present.


are you referring to the S3D Design Thumbnails Page(s)?

I also like the Preview/Thumbnail aspect, it can be exceedingly useful.
However it is impossible to maintain a useful Filing System for the Thumbnails. Every time a Design is opened/named/renamed/etc it jumps to the top of the page.making it impossible to maintain any form of order.
At the point where quantity requires scrolling down a few times searching for visual ID becomes very tiring.
Apple are slowly improving and they are doing this within the confines of iOS or iPadOS. It seems to be a trade off between a blisteringly rapid OS that is not bogged down by masses of features, and a rather ponderous OS with every bell and whistle functional.

Users amass files rapidly and there are pitfalls if administration is lax. IMO better to get organised and stay organised from the start. By creating a structured Filing System within it can become capable of controlling almost anything required of it. Because no condition is permanent it is likely that the System will have to be amended, it is not a do it and forget task but one that needs some attention.
A File Structure is not going to jump into on its own, the User has to put in the necessary effort. The basics are simple, to access a Needed File knowledge regarding it’s Location is of paramount importance. The basics require that Files are lodged in the correct location and have meaningful names. Many see this as in imposition rather than taking it onboard as an essential chore. Perhaps forgetting the effort expended will be repaid over an over by always delivering what is wanted when it is needed.

The choice has to rest with the User, create a System or wait until time wasted searching causes deadlines to be missed.