Conceptual Issue

I am new to Shapr… and I am trying to do something simple, to start with. I have looked at a lot of tutorials but am not finding what I am trying to do.

Basically I am drawing a table leg that tapers 60mm from the top of the leg on two sides. I drew a sketch with the taper on one side, and extruded it, but couldn’t find and easy way to match the taper on the adjacent face. I tried sketching on the face, but drawing and precisely placing the lines was next to impossible. I can’t find away to create guidelines on my bodies.

I am also having trouble changing the dimensions of my bodies after I have created them.

I am sure these are issues with how I am approaching Shapr.

Previously I was using Fusion 360 and SketchUP.

Try this: Extrude a square as long as you want. On the end of the extrusion select one edge and use the move tool. Repeat on the other edge.

Is this it? Extrude a square. Duplicate it using the move tool. Manipulate the two edges using the move tool as indicated in my image.

So easy… I just need to learn how to think the way the app expects. How did you get the taper to happen part way down the leg? I tried extruding to 700, tapering, and then extruding another 50mm, but that just lengthened the leg.

I see how you did it. Thank-you.