Extrude TO face?

I’m stuck on what seems like it should probably be a very simple function but I can’t seem to find any videos on how to do it. I’m designing an adapter for a wing to the geometry of a trunk lid. I have the shape of the bottom of the wing modeled out, and am looking for a way to extrude it “into” the trunk lid but instead of it just going through the body of the car, I am hoping there is a way that I can make it “mate” to the shape of the car instead, thereby shaping the base of the adapter to the contours of the trunk lid. The multiple sloped angles are very tricky to model freehand or with sketches and I’m running out of PLA doing prototypes by eyeball.

Pleeeease tell me this is something Shapr3d can do?

I think you’re looking for the Replace Face tool :slight_smile:

Click the face, click the tool, click the face that you want it to match.


If Shaun’s method doesn’t work for you (it looks like there may be multiple faces) then try this. Extrude into the trunk as a new body. Then subtract the trunk lid from the new body keeping removed bodies. You may have a few bodies extra in the trunk to delete.


It looks like the car body is symmetrical down the center, right?
If so, I would copy/extract a square portion from the opposite side of the body. Then, I would mirror it onto the side with the hole. (Sort of like using a ‘Dutchman’ in woodworking.)

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This sounds like it may be the answer but you would you possibly be able to provide a little more detail on how to extrude the adapter as a new body? The adapter is already one body, and then the car model I just imported from grabcad so that’s the only other body in the project. Forgive me if that’s confusing I’m very new to this. Thank you for the help!

I think the proper placement requires the face to match multiple faces in a very exact spot so that method didn’t seem to work but thank you for the suggestion

Yes it’s symmetrical, so the plan is just to accurately model one side and then simply mirror the .3mf file in the slicer but I haven’t got that far yet :frowning:

What type of imported file is it?

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Can you Export in shapr format and post your model?

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its a .SLDPRT file

Since it’s a solid body you should be able to create a copy then have your Shapr model go “into” the body. Then use the subtract tool to remove the copied .sldprt