Contours united, lines and shapes transform into one object

Hello shapr 3d community! I am Björn from Germany and looking for some help.
I’d highly appreciate if someone could fix my problem.

When drawing a shape, for easy example a triangle, you will end up with 3 lines/elements. After having closed the lock function I expected the contours to be united to one single countoured shape.
I took the data as DXF for a lasercutter and the software from my partner was just reading these 3 lines. This will cause the laser Programm to read 3 single lines, and this causes more manufacturing time, as you can imagine.

How can I have them all united? I’d really be grateful to know from you, does Shapr3D offer this settings? Really couldn’t find it so far.

Welcome to the Forum Björn.

My understanding is that ‘Lock’ simply maintains the position of attached Sketch components.

When you draw the Triangle, particularly using the Grid with Snap selected [Magnet Icon bottom left] the Lines connect and form a Closed Sketch. In 3D view Closed Sketches highlight light Blue.
This is a single object.
If it is not too expensive perhaps this is worth running through the appropriate Software?
Happy S3Ding :sunglasses:
Although another look at the ScreenShot sems to indicate this is already the case? If so do not waste more time with my suggestion.

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Hi Gelphyn and thank you for response.

The triangle is just a example to explain my meaning. All my models have this problem. DXF in other CAD Programms just show the single components (lines and curves). The lock function seems to be just for locking the position, just as you said. I was in hope to get my job done just with this app Shapr3D…
3d model function is not appropriate if you are working with laser cutting,
So I was told from may supplier.

One me…
best to understand, you always need to double tap with your pencil onto the contours to get as lines selected, this shows that every line is independent and this is causing the problem. Other CADs will not get “one” shape with locked/united lines as one object. You can always take out one of the lines.
I thought this is standard in CAD and possible to get here… hope to get it done with shapr,… still trying :wink:

This objects vs triangle on the picture shows what I mean, exactly.
It is a closed contour because I created it without lifting the pencil from the iPad. The triangle was created by 3 times drawing a single line.

It looks like you have only a sketch. To make it a solid shape/ triangle you will need to give it some depth. Click it with an Apple Pencil then assign a height.

You beat me to it, I was still working it out.

This is a Triangle body, only 0.001mm thick:

May be worth a try?

I will give it a try. If the laser cutter software can us it I will be happy. Will inform you ASAP. But mainly this isn’t the right thing to me. :slight_smile:

However this is the same Triangle Body zoomed in:

Too many Edges? Best wishes and good luck.

Let us know if it worked - also, if you would post a picture of your ideal outcome, we could help you achieve it

Hello together,

until now it hasn’t worked. If I give it some thickness it ends up being an object. I just need the DXF. Object data is necessary for engraving a logo, etc, but for laser cutting an object straight out of the material, there is just the outside line from the body’s contour required. Thx for your attention, Björn

Edit. I can use the DXF from shapr, but the laser has always to strat again from reverence point, for every single line and curve there is. Because it is not united as one-line-drawing. Hopefully you can understand my english.

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Yes - thank you. we understand the problem now. We will explore our options, and get back to you :slight_smile:

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Hi Björn,

What is the laser cutter and software that you are using? We have cutters from universal laser, and they cut fine with even the most crudely built files. Is your cutter returning to the X0, Y0 home position after every line is cut when it is not seen as a completely connected outline? I wonder if you are to define the relationship between the lines (angles, etc) numerically rather than leaving them as drawn if the shape is seen as contiguous by your laser software.

I am customer and my supplier works with with the machine eurolaser m3200 a huge machine. If I have found any solution, I will inform you. Thank you all for your support. Maybe he will tell me the machine’s software and I will tell you then. :slight_smile:

Other companies could take this dxf straight from the app!



hey folks,

to give an update, after having talked to different laser-cutting manufacturers I finally found some companies that support Shapr3D DXF and STEP data files. Their laser machines can handle without any issues. My first business partner had problems with reverence points to control the machine’s navigation - due to open contour route, as I mentioned here in the beginning.
Now I can have my projects being created by doing this on an iPad… this is pretty amazing for me to grasp :wink:

Can you manage pdf 4+ as export data function AND closed independent contours soon? Still their are companies with some struggle to manage the DXF… based on their Siemens controls, I don’t really know, just want to share my experience.

Anyway, thanks for the great forum support. Again greetings from Germany.



Thank you for telling us the all important end of your quest, it is a useful addition to the General Knowledge surrounding our favourite subject. Best wishes for your future plans.