Converting DXF DWG file to SVG for Shaper Origin


I found an app for iPad in which I can convert a DXF or DWG file to SVG so that I can use it in my Shaper Origin.
The app is DWG tools. However when converting a file from Shapr3D the converted sketch consist of every separate segment of the drawing and not a continued closed line. Shaper Origin don’t like that kind of a drawing. Is there any way to get a sketch in Shapr3D to be presented as a continued closed line?

That sounds strange, can you please check if the drawing looks fine by importing it into Shapr3D before SVG conversion? If it seems to be fine, please take a look at Shaper Origin’s forum, where you may find some helpful articles:
If you could send us the drawing and the SVG to, I would be happy to take a look at it.