Copying an object

Is it possible to copy an object created on one design screen and paste it into another one?

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Many thanks. I’ll give it a go.

Or use the duplicate function to create a new workspace, and delete the unnecessary objects in the group menu.

Yes if he need an object in the already created workspace, the way eport,inmport👍

Yes duplication is a better choice more straightforward but I think Shapr3D should support copying and pasting of groups directly between its various workspaces.


It’s fairly a common need

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Hi, did you get anywhere with this? I’m a furniture maker and when designing kitchens and things often want to copy individual components like say a drawer or a drawer runner from one design to another. Whenever I’ve tried, its copied the entire drawing into the new design, not helpful or satisfactory! Maybe I’m just doing it wrong but I really don’t want to have to delete the rest of an entire finished drawing just to get one object?
any help or advice greatly received.

No features like this so far - we understand the need for it, but we haven’t implemented anything. Exporting and importing in .shapr format is the best workaround currently.

First hide all components you don’t want to copy. Use .xt format. In the export flow there’s an option to include or exclude hidden items. Let it be exclude. Export it and than you can import it as an individual part without the other components.