Copy / paste objects from one file to another

Could you please add copy/ paste option between files. Now exporting and importing is the only option and it is quite a hassle. The quickest way for me now is to send myself an email with the file and then open the file in the new document.


I understood you were planning to add an object library where you can store files . This would also be a great improvement. I would especially help when these objects when changed in the library can be updated in the overal drawing . For example when you change one screw all the same screws in the drawing will change as well. In my work this would help a lot.

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Yes - this is among our plans - no ETA yet, but we will definitely have a solution for this. Until then, this is the best way to do it. One thing that might speed up the process if you don’t email it to yourself, but save it to Files

Emailing is faster on the iPad then saving to files. :slightly_smiling_face: . Is the other option I discussed going to be implemented ?

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At some point yes, but probably not in the next year or so