Beginner question

Hello, I am pretty new to shpr and I was wondering, can I copy an item that I create in project and open it another project?

Yes. Save it your iCloud files with a name. Then import that file into a new design.

Awesome. I will try that. Thanks.

Alternatively simply use the Design Thumbnails page, press and hold on the Design you want to Copy.
When the Light Blue Menu Appears toward the top right choose the Duplicate option.
Ensure that Designes are Named appropriately to avoid later confusion.

As your Designs increase in quantity consider using and set up an appropriate Filing System to suit your workflow.

In case, you want to export only one item from the workspace:

  • Hide other parts through the Items window as described in the article below leaving only the part(object) to be exported visible on the workspace

  • Export the workspace in X_T format

  • Only the visible object will be exported and then you can re-import the workspace(object) into the new workspace: