Crash Bug in Visualization

My Setup: macOS 13.4.1 on MacBook Air M2, 2022 | 3dConnexion Wireless Spacemouse (10.8.1)

Bringing up any model in modeling mode and the spacemouse works flawlessly. Smooth movements, no issues. Selecting visualization brings the model into the visualization interface with no issues. Moving the model in 3D space using the touchpad and shift key works flawlessly. I can move the model in any way. As soon as I touch the spacemouse, the program crashes. The crash happens every time I try to move the model using the spacemouse in Visualization mode, and it happens with every model I have.

I just updated the spacemouse software to 10.8.1 to resolve lingering issues with losing the connection to the mouse - which were resolved. It appears to have created this new problem in Shapr3D.

Hello SeanO,

My space mouse is working now. You may wish to download the latest version.


Yep - that did it :wink: