3DConnexion Spacemouse Issue

Space mouse randomly stop working.

I might be wrong, but it look like it happened when I use two monitors and switch between apps.
For example, if I use another app and get back to Shapr, often, the space mouse stop working except for the buttons.

To fix the issue, I have to restart the app.

MacBook + Monitor – MAC OS 12.6 – Shapr Version 5.240.0 (4221)

Just noticed, it also happen when I exit and open another design.

Very annoying.

Thanks for the report, we’ll look into this. For the record, @Do.B , to you also see this happening on macOS?

Haven’t tried the space mouse on the iPad yet.

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Hello together,
I have the same issue only on Windows 11.
I work with 2 screens and from time to time the 3D Spacemouse stops responding. With other apps - e.g. with the 3Dconnexion Viewer the 3D Spacemouse works without problems.
If I close Shaper3D and open it again, the 3D Spacemouse works again.
App version: 5.260.4372.0 #9e68680c
Windows 11 Pro: 21H2
Spacemouse: 3Dconnexion SpaceMouse Enterprise

Is there a solution for the problem - a reasonable work is not possible.
Thanks for a feedback.
Greetings Markus

Hi Markus, thanks for reporting the problem, we are working on a solution.

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Hi Istvan,
thank you for your answer.
Can you already foresee when there is likely to be a solution?
All the best

Hi Markus,

We’ve seen some problems around how Shapr3D is detected by the 3DXWare driver, which can be related. To check this, can you please check if there are two config files (Shapr3D.xml and Shapr3D-KMJ.xml) at c:\Users<YOUR_USER>\AppData\Roaming\3Dconnexion\3DxWare\Cfg ? These files are created by the driver, but ideally there should be only one (Shapr3D.xml). You can try to delete them (create a copy for backup if needed), reboot the system and check if it makes any difference. Note that if you delete these files, Shapr3D-related SpaceMouse configuration will be lost.

To help us finding a fix:

  • Can you “intentionally provoke” this issue? (Is there something that you can do to increase the issue to appear?
  • Please let us know if you had these two files and whether deleting them helped.
    • In case the “fix” did work, please let us know if it breaks again and if you noticed any pattern that could have caused it (e.g. frequent alt-tab between apps, PC going in sleep mode, modifying Shapr3D related SpaceMouse config, etc.). Please also check if the two files are back again (ideally there should only be one, without the KMJ).
  • Can you tell whether you started using Shapr3D with SpaceMouse before Shapr3D version 5.250? (In Shapr3D 5.250 we tried to mitigate the app detection problem with the 3DXWare, but the above mentioned config files could still have been created earlier.)

Kind regards,
István Pál

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Hi Istvan,
I have found four files - see the picture.
I did not find a file Sharpr3D-KMJ.xml.
I have not used Shapr3D before in a previous version.
Unfortunately, I can not provoke the error either.
As soon as I have new findings I will report again.

Hi Markus,
Thanks for your response. Now we can rule out the previous config conflict problem.
One other thing that I’d like to ask you to check if the issue appears again:
Please open task manager in Windows (Ctrl-Shift-Esc), look for Shapr3D, expand it and check if SpaceMouseBridge is present as a sub-process.
Kind regards,


Hi István,
yes, I found SpaceMouseBridge.exe.
However, this is only shown to me in task manager, when Shapr3D is maximized. When it runs in the background, the file SpaceMouseBridge.exe disappears.
All the best

Hi Markus,
Thanks for the update. If by “it runs in the background” you mean it is minimized to the tray/taskbar then yes it’s expected. If by background you mean another app is in focus but Shapr3D is NOT minimized, then it’s still possible but no typically expected.
Kind regards,

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Hi István,
I thought the problem was solved - unfortunately not.
The 3D mouse is completely unresponsive.
I have moved an assembly within a design. After a few times of moving back and forth and simultaneously zooming and panning with the 3D mouse - the 3D mouse no longer responds.
Also, with the combination of keyboard and mouse, it is only possible to move and zoom - again, the design can no longer be rotated.
If I close the program completely and open it again, everything works correctly again.
Sometimes moving with the 3D mouse stalls for a short time about 1 - 2 seconds. I have the task manager open and I see that SpaceMouseBridge.exe disappears briefly and then reappears - then the assembly can be moved again.
SpaceMouseBridge.exe also disappears like this from time to time, even when I am working in Word for example.
Kind regards,

The issue I am having is with Win 10 and the Spacemouse. what I see is a brief hesitation like something is trying to “catch up”. I have the Spacemouse working as it should in SketchUp.

Hey everyone – we’ve just released 5.280 with significant improvements in the SpaceMouse integration on Windows. We believe we could identify and fix the problems that you’ve reported here. Could you upgrade your app and check if the lag and unresponsiveness disappeared?

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Do the SpaceMouse mac OS driver work on Ipad?


The driver depends on the manufacturer, in this case, 3DConnexion. At the moment, there is no driver available for the iPad.

But if they use DriverKit for the driver on macOS it should be universal? It seems simple to fix according to the link I providet. It was just checking of for ipadOS in the settings and two extra line of code to prevent the «System Extensions framework» to open on ipad .
Maby they just don’t know of the use on ipad:)

If only there was a company making a CAD app on the Ipad they could work together with :face_with_monocle:

SpaceMouse support on iPad is definitely not a priority for us at the moment. I’m afraid that the combination of those two devices is an extremely small niche :slight_smile:

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The ipad is getting hammered for not being as pro as it should be capable of:)

Getting more drivers for external gear is a step in a more pro direction;) It would be a powerfull marketing opportunity …WWDC 2023?:wink:
Of course 3Dconnections is responsible for opening up the driver for IpadOS. But they need apps that are willing to use it.

I totally understand it’s not a priority.

I don’t even own one. So I’m not in a hurry.
But I would probably buy one if it worked on the ipad too
And even better if they made a bluetooth version.

Anyway I look forward for everything else you have baking in the pipeline.
The app just gets better and better for every two weeks. That is impressive in itself.

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