Crash when going into Visualisation

I think the bike might be to complicated and the app is failing because of lack of ram ?

I use and Ipad Mini 6 with 4GB ram.
The bike is a step file imported from sketchfab.

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Hello, yes, I’ve reproduced your issue on my iPad Mini 6, and the crash does happen because it runs out of memory. If I delete the imported bike models, the Visualization feature can be used smoothly on this iPad. Either try to use simpler bike models, or remove them, add materials to the storage space, and re-add them as the last step.

We are actively working on making the performance of our Visualization feature better, so you can expect improvements in the future.

For the record, though not butter-smooth, materials can be added on my MacBook Pro i9 even with the bikes in place.


Well atleast now I have an excuse to pass down my 2018 Ipad Pro to my kids and get the upcoming Ipad Pro 2022 model with M2 chip and 16-32? GB ram :sweat_smile: And hope for wwdc 2022 bringing more ram to developers.