App crashes on my iPad since Visualization was implemented

The new Visualisation is awesome. Great work! But since I work with it my Ipad crashes very often after starting Visualization. My device is a 6th gen. 128GB, not the latest, I know. I have already made hundreds of drafts and designs, so I consider the new function responsible for the problems. Can you confirm this? Do I need a newer iPad in future?


It most likely an issue of running out of memory. If you are using complex models, and/or multiple materials, the device’s 2GB ram is just not enough, and when that happens, the OS kills the app.

Depending on the complexity of models and the need of Visualization, it might be a good time for an upgrade, especially since M1 is now also available even in iPad Airs, and it comes with at least 8gb memory.

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I am using a 2020 iPad Pro 12. 9 inch, and I have yet to crash it using this app. The worst I could do was slow it down when I had a model that inadvertently had nearly 50,000 polygons. I use the same iPad with nomad sculpt, which has a window showing you total RAM available as well as ram currently tied up and it’s surprising how much workflow you can do without touching the ram. I have not yet tried the M1, but I am hearing that it is not the perfect platform. A similar window in Shapr3D showing how resource intensive a drawing is would be a great feature.

What issues did you hear about M1?

We have quite a lot of M1 devices, and didn’t see any problem, it’s about 20% or more faster depending on the task, than the 4th gen’s Apple A12Z Bionic.

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Ah, I didn’t mean with Shapr3D on the M1, but I’ve heard some issues with creative cloud and legacy programs, lagging and stability. I however am thrilled that my 2 year old iPad is likely good for at least 2 more years, I’m literally getting zero issues with both the stable release and the 5.90 beta.

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I use my 2017 iPad Pro 10.5 , everything was good! Not any problem.

However I didn’t get crash on my 8 gen iPad and it’s a great feature, would be great that the old (faster) coloring option came back in parallel to visualization. The old way was better in modelling view cause I only have to pick a color and continue the part.

Switched to an iPad Pro 3 Gen 8GB RAM and everything goes smooth now. 4G RAM on my old iPad was too little. l agree to joddye that quick coloring and 3d rendering should be separated. The old way was easier when rendering is not needed.