Glitchiness on OSX or what am I doing wrong?

I have two issues that are frustrating me at the moment, both of which can be user error, but I’m honestly lost right now. Using Shapr3d (5.341.0) on OSX (MBP, M1 Max, 13.2.1). My video is on Vimeo because I can’t upload videos here as a new users. Also, all the links below go to specific timestamps in the video.

Issue #1: Shapr3d seems to randomly reposition projects I’m working on. This happens on multiple different projects. You can see it in my video here. I’m rotating the image, stop rotating it because it’s where I want it and with my fingers off my trackpad, Shapr3d just repositions the drawing! It happens again here.

Issue #2: In this particular drawing, although I can create sketches, they are never added as a separate sketch. They’re always part of “sketch 0”. You can see this here.

So what am I doing wrong with this? Or is this just a couple issues with the OSX version of Shapr3d?



We will take a look at the first issue.

The second is the expected behaviour, right now Shapr doesn’t have sketch groups, but sketch planes. You can move sketches away from their current plane, and it will create a new one, or project a sketch from one plane to another.

I hope our tutorial helps: