Create a dxf file from body face

Hello, sorry but I am not finding a solution to what I need to do. I am designing furniture and need to export the faces of my bodies to DXF for plasma CNC so I can fabricate the parts. (see pic). Using the original sketch does not work for me as I change the part after its extruded. I am coming from Fusion and im used to being able to do this. I dont see a clear way in shapr3d and I need help. Thanks!

Try creating a plane and projecting the face onto it. Then export the sketch created when you do that.

  • the face projection should be paralell with xy plane…

Yes thank you. This works and will get me going. This is a work around and honestly something so common in CAD I just assumed the feature was here when I bought shaper3d. Hopefully it gets added in the future.

I will have to keep a clean design for the client and duplicate it to cut it all apart for CNC

I have another question though. Project only works on the same plane and I have to move the projected sketch to a TOP view to save a DXF. How can I quickly move the projected sketch to a TOP view? Thank you

Not sure why. I’ve saved sketches to DXFs that weren’t parallel to the top plane. However, you can simply select the sketch in the sidebar and then use the sketch Move controls to rotate it to any orientation you want.

Use the area selection then move/rotate .

If I export a face to dxf that is not on a top plane, the dxf opens with a side view of the part. Am I doing something wrong?

As you can see , all selected side views showed on the xy plane, but the xz and yz is only a line…

No matter what part I create a dxf from, if its not a top view, my DXF viewer only shows a side view (line)

And when I projects a sketch, it wont let me rotate it because its locked or constrained. (see pic). And the only way to rotate is to make ANOTHER copy and then I can rotate. And when I export a dxf of that copied sketch, it save correctly for CNC

This is obviously too many steps to design a part for laser or plasma.

Do you know how I can unlock my first projected sketch? There are no options when I select it.

Yes, its something new, or wrong in this version…canot move without copy