DXF of a face of a 3D solid

Hey guys,

Alright a client of mine asked for this table for his engraver, carved to be able to lock round and scare pieces of brass. So I created the pieces and substrates them from the table, and surprised myself with how good I did. Now that file goes to my buddy wood worker who has a CNC table. He just got it so he doesn’t know exactly how to work directly with STL files (3D) but he does know how to work with DXF since he cuts all his cabinets this way.
Now I thought he needed to work directly from 3D because of the the bevel on the inside but he can actually work from dxf with a V bit.
So I have my great 3D model and need to export a DXF of the top view witch I can’t when I try to. I found a way by exporting the model to drawing and then saving as DXF but is there any easier way to do it. If not would it be an option easy to add? Thanks.


you can probably project the top face to a construction plane in order to get a sketch and save this sketch as a .dxf file.

Thanks that’s a good idea. Any other idea that would be faster?