Create a sheet body or simple surface?

Is it possible to create a “sheet body” or zero thickness surface within Shapr3d? I basically want to turn a sketch into faces/surface. It’s ok that no further operations are possible and that it is not a solid body. I just need the surface.

Yes. Ensure the shape is closed. i.e.: it turns light blue when fully closed. If you plan to export for CNC work, use the Top View to draw the shape/surface. Then export using Sketch, DXF, and turn of dimensioning.

Is that what you’re asking?


Thanks McD, I’ll give this a shot. I was ideally looking for a way to create a body of some sort, editable or not, so that the entire mesh could be exported as a 3D format. But if the DXF sketch works, I can merge the files later. Thanks again for the tip.

Do you want a 3D format, as if to carve on a CNC? I do this also, but export it as an STL.