Create sketch profile using mesh projections?

Is there any way to project a mesh onto a sketch so that the profile shape can be captured? If not, that would be a really useful feature to add.

I often remix objects for 3D printing where I have to start with an STL because a STEP file wasn’t provided. In Fusion 360, I can usually convert the mesh into a B-rep, but other times I can’t or the conversion is ripe with issues. I realize that an iPad app has fewer resources at its disposal, but even just having a way to capture a profile for manipulation would be a big help, even if it’s just the vertices so that it can be traced in connect-the-dots fashion to exact dimensions.

So I take it from the lack of responses that there isn’t currently a trick for doing this?

Doesn’t appear to a way. I tried subtracting a mesh object, but it didn’t work either.

Yeah, me too. It turned the native object I subtracted from into a mesh.

Sounds like a good candidate for a new feature (hint, hint).

Hi All,
You cannot project mesh objects and if you try the cheat to subtract it from a solid body, you will see that the solid body will be converted to a mesh too.
The problem with meshes, in this case, is if you project it, you would have a polyline that is made up of a huge amount of tiny straight lines.

Anyway, I took a note :slight_smile:

Even the ability to select and project mesh vertices would be a big help.