Create wingtip edge

I would appreciate some help. Trying to create a wingtip edge. I have lofted the wing but the wingtip needs to sweep around the edge from thick to thin at the back.

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I would develop profiles and Loft transverse to the wing.



Here are a couple of Threads with ideas on this subject:

Here are 2 variations that may help. The 1st one I used a 180° revolve to create the wing tip. The 2nd one I made a short extrude and did a chamfer. Note: chamfers are tricky and may not work as desired.
Hope this helps.

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Thank you Mike - going to try this. The wingtip has a very specific shape from plan above - I will play around a bit and revert.

Thanks everyone. It seems that there is no shortcuts here. In the end I
Drew sections and lofted them to get the final result and force it to comform to the exact shape. Hope this helps anyone with a similar


Thanks for sharing a solution, with a true Aerofoil it is not as simple as Revolve or in your case Mirror to form the shape.
The suggested wingtip Pod used a similar method but accounted for the upper surface having a pronounced curve compared to the under surface.

Yes - fortunately the tailplane has a symmetrical profile. The wing itself has an aerofoil shape. The cumber underneath will have to be lofted at the same time without mirroring the end result.


From the above it seems that you are working on the wing, however good to see you have it under close control.

It would be nice a “dome” tool like in the sldworks for wing tip, for flying models.
Also would be nice guided loft , because with cambered airfoils the lofted body(wings) have no straight leading edge at now:(!
The purple body like a ruler, can be see, in the zoom in picture, a gap, between the le edge.
It looks the konoid effect.


The second picture left…

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