How create a bulb-like wingtip for a RC airplane

I try to sketch a wingtip for a RC acrobatic glider. The wingtip has its airfoil, this is a rough drawing:

The final body should be a nice bulb-like body like this:

The airfoil is not symmetric, the rotating tool seems not to be the best choice. How can I create such an object?

Thanks for your help!

You may find the magic of Tools > Loft useful?

This was a very quick attempt at showing a ‘bulbous’ shape at the wingtip.
Using your ‘shape’ should give the desired effect.
This is a ‘rough’ drawing :sunglasses:
It may seem tricky getting the Loft to end smoothly, keep trying and you will win!

This thread could be of help: How is it draw a fuselage front end @JST did an amazing job with loft for his plane mold

I tried the method but didn‘t succeed. The body of the example has some parallel surfaces and curves with defined measures. My body has nothing of that. My idea was, to rotate the lines of the basic sketch to get a closed body. Looks like this:

How to close the outlines to a body?

You should use the Loft tool :

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This ScreenShot shows the only Profile used to Tools > Loft the entire Wing + Pod:

If something like this is not exactly what you are looking for it is just a case of adjusting Spacing between Profiles, varying Scaling between Profiles and probably making fine detail changes to avoid ‘under cutting’ where rapid Scale changes are deployed:

No time at the mo so I may unpick and work on equalising the Pod Sides later.

You have talked about Tools > Revolve ‘a Body’ and did not receive a response directly related to Rotate, may I correct this now. It may, hopefully, help others also?

Firstly a Body is always created from a Closed Sketch, no Closed Sketch = no Body.
Taking a similar Profile to your own:

It is not possible to select the entire Profile, even if the Centre Line is Exchanged for a Construction Axis, S3D warns ‘cannot determine the spun geometry’.

The options available are to choose either the Selected Option and Revolve about the Centre Line or choose the non Selected Option and Revolve about the Centre Line. This will of course deliver two differing ‘Pods’ so a method of combining them would be needed:

The real beauty of S3D [for me] is ‘doing things’ and that is the reason I attempt to replicate or resolve everything mentioned in this Forum, that I have not previously experienced.

While compiling this Post I realised that there was a simple method of combining that would certainly be an improvement on the last two ‘Pods’:

This arrangement of Profile 1 [previously Selected above], used in the 12:00; 03:00; 09:00: clock positions, and the Profile 2 [previously non Selected above], used in the 06:00 clock position.
The Tools > Loft Clockwise from 12:00 right hand side to the 03:00, 03:00 to 06:00, 06:00 to 09:00. 09:00 to 12:00 Lefthand side. Given a uniform shape flattened on the under belly.

If this proved a reasonable creation it could be joined using Tools > Union to the Wing?

Have some fun:

Pod Loft.shapr (120 KB)

@Gelphyn Thanks, exactly what I need. Your sketch works fine. My sketch is the problem: I can‘t select only one half of it. I created it by drawing the lines upon a imported picture in one piece.

That is really good news.
Please can you say which of my Sketches helped, seems it was the Profile?
If that is the case how did you progress from that point? I.e., How did you use your version
to get the result you wanted?
The answer may be useful to anyone reading this.

Right, it was your profile sketch. The problem was my sketch, I had to make my airfoil sketch completely new to get a closed sketch/body at the center line. No closed body, no loft. Since I had recognized this it worked fine. Thanks for your help.

Many thanks for clearing that point👍