Creating a pipe intersecting with curved surface


I looking for some guidance on how to create a pipe (lofted, replaced face and shelled) intesecting with a curved surface like in these pictures.

I have tried various ways but havent been able to create a smooth join between the pipe and curve when you zoomed in really closely.

In the example above i extended the loft beyond the curve by adding another sktech to make it flat and then extruding slightly. Then subtracting the body and the extra bits.

I also tried projecting onto the curve and using that as part of the loft but that only worked on the closer side and when the piece was moved into place the surfaces didnt line up.

Hoping i have missed an obvious aproach to solve this problem, thanks in advance!


Hi Will. Is it where the pipe sits meets the inner part of the curve you need to soften or smooth? If so, you can Union them and do a chamfer.

Hello Stephen,

Thanks for looking at this!

Its actually the other side where i want the joining of the two bodies to be smooth. The object is a coffee grounds chute and i want the smoothest surface where it meets a hole in the grinder so ground coffee wont collect there.

When i print this there is only a small deviation which is actually acceptable. However im keen to still understand the correct way to achieve this without any gap. Picture of gap on non-chute side:



Is it the outer edge you want to change? If so, a chamfer would work there. If however it is the inner part you want to change as in this clip, you would probably be better off adding more lofts in the sketch to get more control over the final result.

Another tool that could be useful is Replace Face. Select the face of the pipe that is not flush, then select the curved surface and then chose the replace face tool.