Creating fan blades

I’m making a fan or propeller. In other applications like Fusion 360 there is the ability to create one blade and the reproduce X number of replicas around an axis. Is there any other similar functionality of Shapr3D?

Hi - yes there is. In Move/Rotate/Scale:

  • Select Copy
  • Put your Pivot point on the axis or to a specific point
  • Rotate the blade

Hope this helps, this is how I usually do it :slight_smile:

While I can make that work, it’s imprecise and quite a lot of work. As a feature request, I would like to see a feature like what I can do in Fusion360 which is to create a circular pattern by selecting a body or component and then an axis, and then have an input to provide the number of times I want the object to appear. This allows me to fiddle with the number to optimize the design, and the software figures out the position required to distribute the object equidistantly from the other objects. Shapr3D has some pretty amazing capabilities for a tablet app, but the feature request above would be an important capability for Shapr3D to have.

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