Creating Honeycomb pattern (not for infill)

I’m trying to make a large section of honeycomb along a rectangle and after about the 10th one the app completely bogs down and force closes the app. Anyone have this issue before? Or know a solution?

Hi, we have not seen any feedback like this in the past. Can you please tell me if you’ve patterned sketches or solid bodies? I would advise creating an array of solid bodies, that should work fine.


Thanks for the response. I was using sketches, making an inner and outer hexagon then lining them up to each other. I was hoping to “subtract” the inner hexagons leaving the wall to only be the pattern.

Okay I was able to use your method to create the wall I needed, but the hexagons are protruding from the wall dimensions I’m wanting. How can you trim off part of the body to just leave a portion of the shape? If I select it, it auto selects the entire body.

Could you please upload a video or some screenshots about this case? That would be super helpful!

I’m not sure I quite understand, but here’s my attempt at one solution:

The video does a better job illustrating what I’m about to describe.
I sketched 2 hexagons offset from each other by 0.5 mm. I chose these dimensions solely to make the math easier… any hexagon with a uniform thickness could be used. I extruded the shape, made 9 duplicates, and aligned vertices. Then I made several copies of the resulting shape, aligning them vertically.

I hope this helps.

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Here is a video showing one way you could trim those pesky hexagons:


The video player controls are covering the instructions. Expand the video to see them. My apologies for that.